It all started with Grandma's recipes and a little artistry . . .

Tammy Calaway is the owner and sole pastry chef at Sweet T, a cakery.  Growing up in rural Ohio, Tammy has spent the years since her childhood in the kitchen with her mother and grandmothers, taking her extensive knowledge of baking from them.  She is dedicated to producing high quality, good for you, fun to eat and beautifully designed baked goods produced from the freshest produce and dairy products available locally.  Using only quality ingredients, she also offers a variety of gluten-free and vegan baked goods, as well. 

Tammy's background is in Fine Art and Interior Design but followed her heart after years of work in those fields to open Sweet T Cakery in 2007.  Sweet T cupcakes are truly a work of art and Tammy's artist background is very evident in each of the sweet little treats she creates.  She finds inspiration in everyday things and from her children.  You can find her in the kitchen daily experimenting with new recipes and flavor combinations and developing new dietary specialty recipes.

Sweet T cupcakes can currently be purchased by ordering via telephone or email, as well as, at the Moore Square Farmer's Market in beautiful Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina every Wednesday between April and September.

You may contact Tammy at