Yesterday I was able to return to the Moore Square Farmer's Market in downtown Raleigh!  It was great to see so many familiar faces . . . returning customers and old acquaintances. I felt bad though, it was a very quick effort to put together tasty treats so I didn't have the variety or design flair that I would normally put together for these Wednesday markets.

Featured flavors were Raspberry Royal, Plain Janes, Black and White, Chocolate Overload, Coco Lime, Red Velvet and Divalicious!  They were all tasty but I wish that I had had the time to show up with some of my more interesting flavors.

Look for some really great treats next week!  I didn't sleep much last night . . . there were visions of sugary and good for you treats filling my head!

See you then!


09/16/2009 11:30

So glad to have you back. You and your pastries were missed!

09/16/2009 11:33

Peanut butter brownie was even better then you described. Terrific does not do it justice



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