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I thought it was time to blog about this.  I made this great creation this fall that has really been a big hit.  I call it a Pumpkin Pie Cake which is essentially a pumpkin pie base with a struesal cake like top.  Its really pretty simple and can be made the more difficult way like I do, or I believe you can probably short cut it by using a store purchased cake mix.  Either way, its really a tasty dessert and a beautiful addition to your holiday table or buffet. 

But the reason I am blogging about this is because I wanted to say thank you to a group of wonderful ladies who visit me each Wednesday at Moore Square's Farmer's Market.  I convinced them one day to try it and the very lovely Kathryn of the group came back the next week for her "fix" and labeled the dessert with its new and very fitting name of Pumpkin "crack".  Truly it is addictive and you seem to crave it after eating it.  I want to thank Kathryn for coming up with this fun name and for sharing the "addiction" with so many of her friends, family and co-workers!  Here'



11/24/2009 13:05

Woohooooo we love pumpkin crack! For those of you who haven't tried it, you really must although beware the addiction that's sure to follow! Can't wait for the Thanksgiving delivery :)

12/22/2010 19:26

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